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Canadian Leaders in International Consulting, Inc. (CLIC) is seeking 1 Team Leader and 4 Evaluation Team Members to conduct a formative evaluation of the World University Service of Canada’s Targeted Support (herein the “project”) to the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

The project improves comprehensive disaster management in the Caribbean Region by strengthening CDEMA’s operational readiness to respond to natural disasters. The evaluation will inform progress towards project results, review challenges and opportunities, and recommend improvements to design, delivery, and impact.


The evaluation will be conducted over a 6-month period.


Travel to the Caribbean region: Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, and Jamaica.


Candidates will propose a daily rate to CLIC, subject to negotiation.

Application Deadline

Please submit your application now (5-minute process here).


011 (32) 468 37 85 90 (Belgium)


Team Leader: 1) Experience managing and leading monitoring and evaluation projects in international development, disaster management, or a similar area, 2) 7 years experience in project evaluations, 3) Master’s Degree or Ph.D in Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources Management, Sustainability, or related fields.

Evaluation Team Members: 1) 5 years experience in project evaluations, 2) A degree in disaster risk management, governance, gender studies, climate studies, environmental science, development studies, or a related field, 3) Experience in international assistance project management assessments, 4) Experience in governance, disaster risk management, working in developing countries, and gender equality, 5) Knowledge of the Caribbean an asset.

Interested applicants should fill out this quick application form now (estimated completion time: 5 minutes) and will be prompted to upload their CV. CLIC will reach out immediately upon submission. 

CLIC is always accepting CV's from consultants located in Canada and overseas.


If you are interested in working with CLIC, please send us your CV and a cover letter to

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