About Us

Founded in 2007, Canadian Leaders in International Consulting Inc. (CLIC) is a professional services firm that provides high quality evaluations and assessments, technical assistance and strategic advice in governance, institutional development and capacity building to the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. CLIC provides services across three core pillars of expertise:  CLIC-CONSULTING, CLIC-EVALUATIONS and CLIC-LEARNING.  

CLIC’s core team staff and associates are internationally based subject-matter experts who work directly with our clients (local civil society actors, governments, private sector and international non-governmental agencies) to provide guidance and management on developing theorys' of change, baseline indicators for evaluations and assessments as well as interim and summative evaluations and complete (cradle to grave) project management.

We recognize that in increasingly complex operating environments, the needs and circumstances of our clients can rapidly evolve. CLIC strives to be adaptive and flexible in the roll-out and delivery of its commitments and we work with our partners to ensure that our recommendations and end products are always appropriate and responsive to the needs of our stakeholders, clients and end-users.

CLIC Offices are located in Ottawa, Canada. Tripoli, Libya and Baghdad, Iraq. As well as representational offices in Lebanon and Tunisia. CLIC’s wide network of partnerships allows us the opportunity to provide on the ground services globally through our locally engaged staff and partnerships.