Osamah Kadhim


Deputy Director; BRIDGE Project

Osamah is a diplomat and results-oriented professional, who has worked with numerous international and national organizations in the field of Training and Capacity Building.

Prior to joining CLIC, he served as the IOM National Officer for the EU funded HIKRA AMINA, where he worked closely with Government of Iraq Ministries to resolve migration and border management issues. Previously, Osamah was the Assistant Director of Programmes and Business Development for the British Council in Iraq. While working for the British Council, he oversaw the implementation of four grants and projects, such as Connecting Classrooms, each designed to improve the learning experience and employability of Iraqi youth. Osamah has worked alongside the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Culture in Iraq to implement the ARTS Project, and has pursued Cost Recovery Project opportunities, focused on providing ESL and Scholarship Management Programs for youth and young adults.

Osamah has worked closely with Government of Iraq agencies and private sector companies to design programs that meet their unique training and educational needs, while assisting Iraqi students and working professionals to acheive success.