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Market Assessments

Market Assessments Sample: 


Private Sector Development Scoping Study – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands 


CLIC conducted a large-scale study across Iraq and the KRG Region in 2018 to assist the Netherlands in identifying five main economic sectors and sub sectors that would benefit from the Netherland’s support. The study answered some important questions as to the role and potential role of small and medium size enterprises in Iraq where they exist and where they do not, whether an enabling environment can be created to allow for the development of the SMEs. The study allowed the Netherlands to plan a major support package to the Government of Iraq and led to an investment plan that was signed between the two countries. 



Two Market Assessments of Basrah and Al Qurna – Norwegian Refugee Council 


CLIC conducted market assessments of Basrah and Al Qurna, Iraq in 2019. These assessments provided NRC with an extensive understanding of the public and private sector labour supply and demand in Basrah and Al-Qurna. This included an analysis of the local labour market (including skills gaps in the public and private sectors) and the business climate for micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the targeted areas of Basra city and Al-Qurna district. The assessments provided NRC with key information to aid their activities such as beneficiary targeting, selection of business sectors for investment, training content development, and identifying employers for potential participation in job placement schemes. 



Fieldwork in Yemen for Social Accountability Flagship and Local Governance  

The World Bank has developed a case study for Yemen that will provide information for a flagship study on social accountability in the World Bank’s Social Development Department (SDV). The data will also inform local governance reform in Yemen. The driving motivation behind establishing a local governance system with enhanced citizen engagement is to build legitimacy of the state and help foster its authority.  

The World Bank contracted CLIC to manage and conduct fieldwork in six governorates in Yemen (6 governorates, through interviews and focus groups with tribal leaders, CSO representatives, customary representatives, elected officials, marginalized populations and governorate officials, and community profiles). Our team collected evaluation pilot data and provided the BRC with analysis of the situation in the country.  

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