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clic consulting

Capacity Development

CLIC’s team of experts provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to help organizations and government institutions develop their internal processes through workshops, mentorship and coaching, and train-the-trainer’s programmes.   



Sample Projects: 

The Enhancing Public Financial Management in the Caribbean initiative improves the capacity of national institutions to better manage public finances in the face of rising financial vulnerabilities. The initiative valued at 15$ million over 4 fiscal years (2014-2017) would be implemented through the international Monetary Fund (IMF) through a grant arrangement. While $5M of the funding is to meet the commitment to Jamaica, the other $10M is for technical assistance to other Caribbean countries that are facing economic crises. The IMF works with governments, providing short, medium and long-term advice and training designed to respond by country to the precarious financial situation or the conditionalities of IMF extended fund facility arrangements.

CLIC consulting team provided training in Canada and the Caribbean to the Eastern Caribbean Bank staff on debt management. The team also developed the Debt Management Manual for Ministers of Finance and Parliamentarians of the ECCU Countries and Territories.  As part of its monitoring role, CLIC also provided ongoing capacity building focused on Technical support to regional program  


  • Monitoring programs that address public financial management in public institutions   

  • Advice on best practices and approaches of achieving results, potential risks, issues, constraints, opportunities, lessons learned, and possible synergies with other programs and sectors   

  • Assess capacity of implementing agencies to achieve meaningful results and identify potential partners with appropriate implementing capacity   

  • Provide advice to DFATD’s regional program team on opportunities related to thematic area (public financial management - PFM)   

  • Provide into for the Annual Caribbean Regional Report on PFM issues   

  • Identify regional and country-level issues to be raised in policy dialogue and advocacy efforts   



Capacity Building of Local Governance in Tunisia and Libya for the Project “Building Capacity for local self-government in Tunisia and improving municipal services in Libya CLIC was contracted to compile a context analysis with a special focus on building the capacity of local governance as part of the preparation of a technical cooperation measure for the project “Building Capacity for local self-government in Tunisia and improving municipal services in Libya”. As well, CLIC conducted an institutional assessment of the municipalities selected by the GIZ Team, conducted specific capacity building activities over the period of the project.  

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