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clic consulting

Project Management

Provides high quality consulting services and strategic advice to public, private and

not-for-profit sectors including international organizations and governmental and non-governmental agencies. We work in some of the world’s most complex operating environments providing project management, direct consulting services, and insight to major international donors, national governments, and international NGOs. CLIC’s core team and associates are multi-disciplinary international and local specialists, subject-matter experts and industry practitioners. In particular, we have expertise in the following:  


  • Project Management: CLIC has managed both small and mid-size projects. CLIC follows the project cycle management (PCM) and applies Results-Based Management (RBM) systems, which are rooted in current international best practices. Our approach is highly participatory and involves close collaboration with relevant stakeholders.  


Sample Projects: 

Citizen Engagement and Sensitization Consultancy Services – World Bank and the Iraq Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations 


From 2018 to 2019 CLIC implemented this development initiative funded by the World bank under supervision of the Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO). This project aims to strengthen the capacity of REFAATO to seek support and active participation of the local populations in 11 cities to rebuild their communities. It entails strategic planning, implementation of infrastructure projects in their communities, and fostering an enabling environment for the direct participation of citizens in the targeted cities during the lifetime of the Emergency Operations for 

Development Project (EODP). This initiative helps governments to mainstream citizen engagement strategy and design, develop and implement a Grievance redress mechanisms (GRMs) including a Management Information System (MIS) to register, track and respond to citizen feedback related to the reconstruction process in their communities and achieve development results which will lead to a positive links between CE and improved public service delivery, public financial management, governance, and social inclusion/empowerment. 



Bolstering Reconstruction in Iraq through Growth, Development, and Employment (BRIDGE) – Global Affairs Canada 


CLIC is jointly implementing with the Canadian NGO World University Service Canada (WUSC) this five-year development project (2017-2022), on behalf of the Government of Canada (Global Affairs Canada). This project aims to contribute to the reform of the TVET sector in Iraq and to provide construction and health care related vocational training to up to 3,000 young men and women including ex-combatants in several regions of Iraq. With the support of the Ottawa-based Monitoring and Evaluation advisors, technical assistance is provided to the field-based team to establish a standardized M&E framework and tools (qualitative and quantitative) to regularly monitor project performance and to evaluate outcomes. This rigorous M&E framework and tools will inform the project about its progress, any deviation from targets, and will identify any gaps or challenges to be mitigated to ensure project success. In addition, the M&E framework will be regularly reviewed and revised to ensure it meets the needs of the environment in which it is being implemented. In fluid contexts, such as Iraq, it is crucial to ensure the M&E framework evolves with the changing needs (if any) to meet the realities on the ground and project impact. 



Women’s Empowerment Linkages and Employment Development (WE-LEAD) – Global Affairs Canada 


CLIC is implementing this 4-year development project funded by Government of Canada (Global Affairs Canada) in partnership with World University Service Canada (WUSC). This initiative aims at increasing women’s empowerment for sustainable economic growth in Jordan. WE-LEAD is implemented with Jordanian project partners including national and local government agencies, vocational training centres, private sector entities, and community organisations. Technical assistance is provided by Canadian sub-contracting partner, Camosun College. CLIC is providing technical support on M&E component by identifying, monitoring and assisting with baseline, needs assessments and follow up with output, outcome, immediate outcomes, intermediate and ultimate outcome. The project uses (RBM) monitoring and evaluation tools, including indicators to monitor results and risks, compiled in semi-annual reports submitted to GAC. 

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