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clic consulting

Organizational design and development

We work directly with the core stakeholders to design diagnostic tools in order to determine the exact challenges and bottlenecks faced by individuals, teams and business units within the organization.  CLIC’s assessment tools address the socio-cultural, technical, economic and political contexts in which organizations operate, and provide decision makers with options and recommendations for long-term change.  


Sample Projects:

Conventional Arms Control  

The purpose of the project is to support the capacity development of the Libyan Mine Action Centre (LMAC) based on the needs identified in an initial organisation assessment conducted by GIZ. CLIC was contracted by GIZ to support the overall capacity building strategy at the Libyan Mine Action Center (LMAC). CLIC was tasked with providing a comprehensive institutional assessment of the LMAC to ensure that all the planned activities were designed to improve the effectiveness of the LMAC. CLIC was also asked to conduct a visioning exercise to ensure that the whole team and management are working together towards the same mission and goals, to clarify the mission, objectives and to work together with LMAC to revise the structure of the organization including the development of new job descriptions and HR policies and procedures.  

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