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CLIC provides evaluation and assessment services to private, not-for-profit, as well as international organizations working across the Middle East and Africa. Our services are conducted in house and through our consulting teams who bring a wealth of experience, local knowledge, and technical expertise. CLIC-EVALUATIONS provides monitoring services, evaluations, and assessments in both stable and challenging environments.


We are able to conduct evaluations and assessments by our wide network of local experts who speak several languages, our international experts who have decades of experience and by building on the capabilities that CLIC has developed over the last decade. We base all of our evaluation work on the international best practices (i.e. OECD Criteria for Program Evaluations etc.).

Along with evaluations, CLIC has expertise in the conducing the following types of assessments:

  • Countrywide and sector-specific assessments;

  • Local government/councils assessments;

  • Partnership assessments; as well as

  • Organizational assessments.

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