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clic consulting



CLIC provides high quality consulting services and strategic advice to public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We work in some of the world’s most complex operating environments providing project management, direct consulting services, and strategic insight to major international donors, national governments, and international NGOs.   

We specialize in the following:

Organizational design and development: We work directly with the core stakeholders to design diagnostic tools in order to determine the exact challenges and bottlenecks faced by individuals, teams and business units within the organization.  CLIC’s assessment tools address the socio-cultural, technical, economic and political contexts in which organizations operate, and provide decision makers with options and recommendations for long-term change.


Project Management: CLIC has extensive experience in managing small and mid-size projects. CLIC follows the project cycle management methodology (PCM) and applies Results-Based Management systems, which are rooted in current international best practices. We understand that key stakeholders must be actively engaged in meaningful consultation throughout the life cycle of a project and that consistent monitoring and evaluation as well as hands-on mentoring and training are crucial to ensuring successful long-term sustainable results.

Capacity Development: CLIC’s team of experts provide both theoretical knowledge and on-the-job training to help organizations and government institutions develop their internal processes through workshops, mentorship and coaching. 

Analysis: CLIC provides clients with situational and regional analysis of the Middle East and the Africa. We have honed our understanding and insight through years of first hand interaction with local community groups, government departments and agencies and we continually strive to build new partnerships in the region.

Mentoring and training:  Within every project or programme which we support we work with our clients to ensure that project deliverables are transmitted through on the ground training to end-users. Our training curricula include results-based management, project lifecycle management, knowledge translation, strategic planning, business process road-mapping, anti-corruption, civil society management, leadership and supervisory skills development. Our training is hands-on, interactive and based on the latest adult training methodologies.

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