Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I have to see CLIC’s Representative in Baghdad to fill in the Application Form?

It is preferred to see the Representative to brief you about the program and guide you through the application form.

2. How do I know if my child is eligible for the program?

The Representative will interview the child to determine the child’s eligibility to do the program.

3. If I have more than one child to join the program, do I get a discount from CLIC?

It is yet to be determined.

4. Who is going to take care of the visa for my child?

CLIC Representative will help your child to fill in the Visa On-line Form to make sure that data are entered correctly. Then, it is the parent’s responsibility to make a payment of $290 to the Canadian Visa Office in Erbil directly.

5. Where should I make the first payment to the program?

There are two options.

  • Representative to give the company’s bank account to you to deposit the money to.

  • A parent pays the money directly to CLIC’ Representative.

6. Is it safe to send my female child to Canada and who is going to attend them?

It is very safe and she will be under the direct care of CLIC staff in Canada.

7. What will happen if my child gets sick?

Canada has excellent medical services to offer and your child will have medical insurance during his/her stay in Canada.

8. What will my child benefit from the program?

  • Your child will improve his/her English skills

  • It will open a window for your child to join Canadian universities in the future.

9. Is the family my child will live with screened for security?

These are families chosen very carefully to lodge your child with.


10. Will there be a close monitoring of my child?

 Yes, there is. CLIC Representative in Canada will follow up with Carleton University about the progress of your child.

11. Who will receive my child Ottawa airport in Canada?

CLIC and the University Representatives who will take them to stay with the family being selected for the child.

12. Is the flight arranged for my child?

Yes. Flight is taken care of.

13. When are the payments?

  • First payment (U$2500) before June 11th.

  • Second payment (U$5500( before July 31st.